This new duplex was designed to respond to the triangular shape of the site, calling for a layout that departed from the traditional. The client and I saw this as an opportunity to create a strong architectural statement that would set this duplex apart from the rest. With its dynamic form, contemporary architectural language and playful use of materials, we have created a unique result. The ‘industrial lux’ styling of the exterior carries through to the interiors, which are light and airy due to extensive glazing throughout.

Although a difficult task, Andy was able to come up with several designs for our new duplex that suited our challenging triangular block and our ideas. He was always prompt with his responses, and this meant our project was always meaningfully progressing.

The final design was quite unique and exceeded our expectations, so we are all very pleased with the outcome. As my wife said, “Well done Andy, our homes are awesome.” Andy is a great designer with great ideas, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone requiring his services.

M Gurnett, Miranda

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